Table Linens

Hessian & Lace Culery Holder

Quantity|100 Price| $1.50 each

Apricot Organza Chair Tie

Apricot Organza Chair Ties H|60cm W|40cm Quantity|60 Price|$1.00 each

Hessian and Lace Table Runners

Laced trimmed Hessian Table Runners. L|275cm W|30cm Quantity|16 Price|$7.50 each

Crochet Rectangular Table Runners

Rectangular Table Runners L|94cm W|34cm Quantity|4 Price|$5.00 each

Sequinned Rose Gold Table Runner

Sequinned Rose Gold Table Runners L|270cm W|30cm Quantity|10 Price|$9.00 each

Sequinned Gold Table Runner

Sequin Gold Table Runners L| 270cm W| 30cm Quantity|10 Price|$9.00 each

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